Silver Print

As one of Japan’s leading photo lab, TCK
delivers exceptional print quality
that professional photographers and artists demand.
We believe it is our mission to encourage experimentation
and enable new ways of expression to turn fleeting moments
captured by the camera into beautiful prints.

  • Film development

    Film development

    We carefully develop your film. The best development result can be obtained by proper temperature control and liquid preparation. The developing method is a hanging developing method that responds to increase and decrease and is resistant to scratches and dirt. It is also possible to develop large format films such as 8x10 size.

  • Analogue print

    Analogue print

    We provide analogue color/monochrome hand prints using historical high brand photographic paper. It is suitable for long-term storage due to the preservation property of the museum collection class.

  • LightJet Print

    LightJet Print

    LightJet Print is a one in which digital data is laser-exposed on a special silver salt color photographic paper. High-definition, rich gradation and natural coloring unique to photographic paper ensure storage stability. A long print of up to about 1.2 m roll width x 3 m is possible. It is possible to make fine adjustments that are difficult to control with hand printing.