Light box frame

Our photographic lightboxes combine
a slim and stylish aluminium frame and high brightness LED lights.
FLAT LABO’s LED-backlit lightbox solutions are an easy way
to bring your vision to life while making use of
the dramatic effect of an illuminated image.

  • Self-standing display frame

    Self-standing display frame

    It is a self-standing display frame with outstanding stability. Both sided type and can be used for a wide range of purposes. This lightweight design makes it easy to move around, making it ideal for event space installations in a short period of time. As the visual(fabric) part can be easily exchanged, various uses are possible depending on the idea.

  • Ceiling frame

    Ceiling frame

    The combination of soft light from the ceiling and beautiful visuals makes it possible to create an extraordinary space. Flexible design is possible, including the size of the visual surface. Since the visual parts can be exchanged here as well, it is possible to create a production that matches the desired atmosphere.

  • Wall hanging frame

    Wall hanging frame

    It is a wall-hanging frame system. By pulling the power supply from the inside of the fabric, the cords can be completely hidden, which makes it possible to achieve high interior quality. By replacing the visuals according to the season and concept, you can always create a fresh space.