Tension Fabric Frames

An overwhelming sense of presence and beauty that captivates the viewer.
The combination of the tension fabric frame and high-definition UV printing
provides a simple and seamless way to express your work with unprecedented impact.
One of the most appealing features is the ease with which visuals can be replaced.
Frame rental is also available for some sizes.

  • Freestanding Tension Fabric Frame

    Self-standing display frame

    A freestanding display frame with outstanding stability.
    Its lightweight design makes it easy to set up and move around, and the visual part can be easily replaced.
    Available in double-sided and single-sided versions, it can be used flexibly in a variety of spaces.
    It is also possible to hang it from the ceiling (ceiling-suspension type) by attaching eyebolts to the top surface.
    (The maximum recommended size is H2700mm.)

  • Wall-mounted Tension Fabric Frame

    Ceiling frame

    A wall-hung frame, fixed to the wall with screws.
    The power supply can be pulled from the inside of the visuals to completely hide the cords, thus achieving a high level of interior design.
    By changing the visuals according to the season or concept, you can always create a fresh space.

  • Unlit Tension Fabric Frame

    Wall hanging frame

    Without an LED unit inside, it is possible to display artworks with an overwhelming sense of scale through reflected light.
    One of the features of this system is that it can output a huge size work in a single piece.
    Since no LED unit is required, thin frames of 16mm thickness can be selected.

  • About Frame

    Wall hanging frame

    The ultra-solid frame with a width of 1mm is a simple design that allows you to directly experience the work.
    It can be made in any size, so for example, it can fill a whole wall with your work.
    The size can range from about 50 centimeters square to a super huge size of 3 meters on the short side.

  • How To Exchange of Fabric Print

    Wall hanging frame

    The fabric, sewn on four sides with silicone rubber, is inserted into the grooves of the frame and fixed in place.
    By sewing the fabric to the exact frame size, natural tension is applied to the fabric, allowing it to maintain a beautiful flatness even in large sizes.
    Even huge sizes that are impossible with mounts can be beautifully finished with a single piece of fabric.

  • Product Lineup

    Wall hanging frame

    Frame widths range from 40mm to 120mm for LED light box , and 16mm to 120mm for unlit frame.
    We also offer a wide range of printing options, including double-sided and single-sided printing.
    It is also possible to pursue high designability by custom in original colors.