Conceived and created by a visual communications
specialist group, Amana, FLATLABO provides creative direction
and consultancy services for your printing needs.
From transforming your work into museum-quality showpieces
to designing an exhibition,
our experienced printing directors can build
bespoke solutions to achieve your goals.
Let us know what you have in mind,
and we will deliver a service
that goes above and beyond your expectations.

  • Sho Kosuda /
    FLATLABO Manager, Printing Director

    Appointed as FLATLABO manager in 2016. He has been supported more than 1,000 photo exhibitions as a printing director. Also works as an artist on his own.

  • Kazuyoshi Takahashi /
    Printing Director

    Since 2001, he has a career as a color management director and printing director at an advertising production company. Has a wide range of knowledge and experience from photo printing to various printing.

  • Ryusuke Sakaguchi /
    Printing Director

    After working for over 10 years in a professional photo lab, joined FLATLABO in August 2019. So far, he has been in charge of more than 300 prints of works for the photo exhibitions. Has complex technical knowledge of both analog and digital.

  • Gen Tamayama /
    Printing Producer

    He was in charge of analogue printing for numerous famous photographers in a professional photo lab. After joined FLATLABO in March 2019, he keeps suggesting the new expressions of the printing to the clients.

  • Tatsuya Nakamoto /

    He has been managed and produced many projects since the launch of FLATLABO. Good at accurate processing decisions and flexible responses that make use of his field experience.

  • Keisuke Otsuka /

    After working for amanasalt as a printer of the alternative print, he joined FLATLABO in 2018. He is in charge of UV printing and scanning.

  • Taekang Kim /

    After working for planning and editing news photos at amanaimages, she joined FLATLABO as sales desk from 2019. Also be in charge of foreign photographers living in Japan.

  • swiss Qprint Nyala 3

    swiss Qprint Nyala 3

    The world's highest quality large UV printer.
    The maximum width is 3.2 m, and for plate-shaped media, the depth is 2 m and the thickness is 5 cm.
    With roll media, continuous printing is possible.
    In addition to cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, the installed inks also include light cyan, light magenta, and light black for expressing rich gradation. Furthermore, it is a high-end machine with white ink and transparent ink.
    It is possible to print on various media other than paper.

  • GRETAG IMAGING LightJet 430

    EPSON SC-S80650

    Large-scale solvent inkjet printer capable of high-quality and high-definition printing.
    Equipped with 10 eco-friendly eco-inks that do not contain harmful substances and can be used with roll widths up to 64inch.
    The solvent-based ink is used to permeate and fix the ink inside the media, which is characterized by good color development and excellent weather resistance.
    It is ideal for sticking stickers on glass surfaces and outdoor sign displays. The maximum resolution is 1,440 x 1,440 dpi.

  • EPSON PX-H10000 / EPSON SC-P9050G

    EPSON PX-H10000 / EPSON SC-P9050G

    A water-based pigment inkjet printer capable of high-quality and high-definition printing.
    Equipped with 10 colors of ink, and it is possible to control and print both photographs with good coloring and monochrome photographs with high precision.
    Though only inkjet paper is supported, the lineup of papers we handle is wide, and you can change the settings according to the image of the photograph and print.
    The highest print resolution is 2,880dpi x 1,440dpi.

  • Kongsberg XN

    Canon PRO - 4000

    A water-based pigment inkjet printer capable of high-quality and high-definition printing.
    Equipped with 12 colors of ink by pigment ink and chroma optimizer. Compatible with long edge 1,118 mm size.
    It is a high-end inkjet printer that boasts excellent color reproducibility and expressiveness in dark and dark areas. The maximum resolution is 2400 x 1200 dpi.

  • Kongsberg XN

    Kongsberg XN

    Next-generation multi-cutting machine ideal for small lot production.
    By changing the tool of the cutting edge, various materials such as paperboard, corrugated board, laminated reinforced corrugated board, various foam materials, rubber, wood panel, acrylic board are available.
    Maximum cut size is 3.2m×2m.
    Since the plate-shaped media printed with swissQprint Nyala 3 can be processed as it is, the range of expression can be expanded at once by printing + processing.

  • SABIA LIAM custom

    SABIA LIAM custom

    This is the world's highest level ultra-high definition line scanner boasting a resolution of up to 2,400 dpi in reflection mode and a maximum of 5,000 dpi in transmission mode.
    LED lighting is used as the light source to minimize adverse effects such as ultraviolet rays on the subject, and the light source moves with the camera, so you can obtain beautiful images with no unevenness in every corner.
    Also, by changing the angle of the light source, it is possible to shoot with a rich three-dimensional effect.