• Which should I set the format, between RGB and CMYK?

    RGB is ideal.
  • What application should I use when making the data?

    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PDF are available.
  • How do I upload the data?

    You can upload your data by "BOX" when you order from our contact foam.
    You can also attach the data on your email or use file transfer services.
  • How heavy is the wood panel?

    A4 size: About 200g
    A3 size: About 200g
  • How heavy is the acrylic photo?

    A4 size: about 400g / A4 size with back hanging frame: about 500g
    A3 size: about 800g / A3 size with back hanging frame: about 1kg
  • Is it possible to be printed except paper?

    We have been adopted a highest quality large UV flatbed printer. It is possible to be printed on a various material like acrylic, wood, transparent film, and more. Please ask.
  • Can I order color proof?

    There will be a charge of 2,200yen (the basic charge)+half price of the museum print fee.
    Re-printing after the color proof is the half price of the printing fee.
  • How long will it take before I receive the products?

    It takes around two weeks to deliver after we could check your data and payment. If you are urgent, please ask.
  • May I visit FLAT LABO office and consult?

    Please make a reservation by phone. 03-3740-4773
  • Is it possible to make a personal order?

    Yes, you can order from one product.
  • About payment

    You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card.