Large-format print

Using one of the highest quality large UV flatbed printers,
we produce large format prints
with extreme precision and detail.
The possibilities are truly endless from creating a visual impact at events
to improving the look and feel of the office environment.
It is also ideal for producing outdoor signages that can withstand the effects of rain and sun.

  • Available size

    Available size

    It is possible to output a width of 3.2 meters and a depth of 2 meters with a seamless single piece. In the case of roll media, it is possible to output a long length of 3.2 meters x 10 meters or more on the short side.

  • Available media

    Available media

    Supports various media such as aluminium composite board, acrylic, wood and tarpaulin. We propose media suitable for the usage such as outdoor advertisements, store displays, and art works.

  • Various processing services

    Various processing services

    We process tapestry, eyelet, sewing etc. according to the exhibition plan.