Acrylic Photos

FLATLABO's acrylic photos are our bestsellers,
combining beauty and durability.
The sense of depth created by the thickness of the acrylic is ideal for expressing artwork as well as for gifts.
FLATLABO offers two types of production methods,
mounting and direct.
By selecting the method that
best suits your purpose and expression,
you will be able to create a piece that is closest to your image.

  • Acrylic Photos

    The acrylic mount is a method of laminating a photo print under acrylic:

    ・Highly resilient against scratching
    ・Selectable 3mm or 5mm thick acrylic
    ・5mm thickness is recommended for A2 and above
    ・Ideal for gallery exhibition

  • Acrylic Photos

    The backside of the acrylic mount:

    "Acrylic Mount Only" (R)
    The print is simply bonded. This type can be stood against a wall or displayed on a table using a stand if the size is less than A4.

    "Wall Hanging" (L)
    This is a wall-hanging version with a wooden hanging frame. A string can be attached as an alternative option.
    A light-shielding black sheet is attached to the back of the frame to prevent the wooden frame from being visible.

  • Acrylic Photos

    Direct to acrylic UV printing:

    We are also able to print your images or artwork directly on the acrylic. Printing is possible from both the front and back sides of the acrylic. CMYK printing allows the printed area to show through, resulting in a work with transparency. In addition to CMYK, white and varnish inks can be used to express richer gradation. It can also be used in combination with the special printing shown on the right to create unique works.

  • Acrylic Photos

    Several special printing options are available for direct UV printing:

    Varnish ink:Added varnish ink enables high gloss, or matte surface and the ability to further intensify pieces with tactile finishes.

    Layer:By layering multiple inks, it is possible to create a stepped or three-dimensional effect on the surface of the work.

    Mount + Direct: This is a combination of direct printing on the front side of photo acrylic produced by the mount method. This is ideal for printing double images or text only.

  • Acrylic Photos

    3D Effects Acrylic Block:

    ・Standard size: 80x80mm/100x100mm/120x120mm of 20mm thickness.
    ・Custom dimension (up to 40mm thick) is available.

  • Acrylic Photos

    We can also cut out deformations combining curves and straight lines. (This is only possible for direct UV printing. For mount type, only true circles are possible.)

    You will need to prepare the path data for cutting. *Illustrator data is recommended.
    Please contact us in advance.

  • Acrylic Photos

    You can bring out the best in your photo with a striking Pop Art Acrylic Frame with a luminous neon look. We can create a fully custom-made frame according to your preference in terms of color and size. Please contact us.

  • Acrylic Photos

    ・Beautiful three-dimensional expression is possible by printing both from the back and the front.
    ・Ideal for various signs and as a caption board for exhibitions.
    ・Available in custom sizes orders available.
    ・Acrylic Photos make meaningful gifts or freestanding trophies.